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GEORG Legal Compliance Audit

How well are legal regulations implemented in your company?

Compliance with all applicable legal regulations is essential for every company and is becoming increasingly important. ISO standards in particular are responsible for this development, because they require compliance with legal obligations next to an assessment of compliance with legal regulations. (Legal Compliance)

Managing directors and authorized persons are often not aware of applicable environmental and occupational safety regulations for which they are responsible and could be held personally liable in the event of a claim.

This is exactly where our Legal Compliance Audit comes in: As part of the audit, experts at Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions carry out an assessment of the extent to which the requirements of environmental and occupational health and safety regulations and energy-related regulations are complied with in their business. They identify weaknesses and strengths and potential for improvements. In addition, other areas of law can also be reviewed upon consultation.

Advantages are obvious: Regularly conducted legal compliance audits reduce occupational accidents and environmental damage and thus decrease or eliminate liability risks for management and authorized persons.

Preparation of a Legal Compliance Audit

The Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions team prepares a site-specific audit plan prior to a Legal Compliance Audit. The basis for the creation of the legal compliance audit plan is your individual legal register.

On-site performance of the Legal Compliance Audit

Our auditors provide the following services on site:

  • Verification that all legal obligations are known to responsible persons
  • Clarification of applicability, extent and fulfillment of legal obligations with regards to responsible persons (key-point checks)
  • Review of degree and purpose of duty delegations
  • Review of areas of responsibility
  • Assistance / Explanations for implementation of obligations

Results & Audit Report

In a final audit report, we document the identified situation and assess compliance with relevant legal obligations. Furthermore, we point out necessary needs for action and provide improvement possibilities and recommendations.

About Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions

Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions, with offices in Grosswallstadt, Leipzig and Nanjing (China), offers its contractual partners services in the area of court-proof organization (GEORG) of companies worldwide in order to avoid organizational fault and compliance violations. This includes: Consulting and provisioning of the compliance software GEORG Compliance Management System®, implementing of technical and legal modules as well as developing and maintaining of customer-specific databases. Further information: www.martin-mantz.de


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