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The values that guide us


To be able to work with total commitment needs a working environment in which employees feel good. Only then will our employees be enabled to reach our quality goals. The management bears the responsibility to ensure a working atmosphere in which performance and life co-exist. That is how we create the framework conditions in which our employees reach their full potential. In this context, the Feel-Good management constantly ensures a creative and energetic work climate.


Our employees are very well qualified and experienced experts. They act entrepreneurially on behalf of our customers and bear the responsibility for their actions, appearance and good communication. This means acting and communicating precisely and unambiguously, and requires solution-oriented thinking.


Complex process organizations must nonetheless be easy to implement. Only with simplicity, clarity and ease does a company develop its full strength.


Our main leitmotif is the confidence and acceptance of our customers and partners. Who trusts, is open and brave. Trust is based on honest and reliable work relationships. We are the reliable partner who stands by the side of the customer, and on whom you can count at all times.


We attach a great deal of value to our customers always being certain of having made the correct decision with us. In all legal matters, you can fully rely on our expertise.

Great Place to Work

Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions won awards in two categories as a top employer

Since 2002, the independent institute “Great Place to Work”, founded in the USA, also holds surveys regarding the workplace culture in companies in Germany. Participation is voluntary.

In 2017, we won two awards from “Great Place to Work” as the “Best Employer 2017”. We were ranked among the 18 best places in the categories “Bavaria’s Best Employer 2017” and “Best Employer in Consulting 2017”. Overall, more than 600 companies of all sizes, from all sectors and regions, participate in the competition. We did particularly well in questions referring to “Team spirit” and “Pride of the employees” (100%).

“Great Place to Work” surveyed our employees in respect of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit. Under the leadership of a “Great Place to Work” coach, our team actively worked out other future-oriented development potentials. The goal is to further strengthen the Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions team and position it as a top employer.