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NEW: Organization Compliance as an extension of our service portfolio

Grosswallstadt, April 23th 2020. Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions extends the existing service and product portfolio by another important component. In addition to Legal, ISO and Corporate Compliance, we now offer our customers and interested parties comprehensive consulting services in the area of Organization Compliance. The offer also includes a further GEORG software module, which enables a simple and digital implementation of compliance requirements in the company.

What does Organization Compliance mean?

Organization Compliance focuses on the legally compliant organizational structure of a company. This includes all legally required roles of an organization, from the managing director to the employee, including all rights and obligations. Current case law regarding organizational fault and the delegation of tasks and duties is taken into account immediately. In this way, Organization Compliance creates transparency regarding responsibilities, roles and related requirements and contributes to organizational discipline within the company.

Our services include

Within the scope of our services we map the following aspects in the company:

  • Company organization
    • Organizational structure (e.g. matrix, line, divisional organization)
    • Roles (e.g. representatives, qualified persons, superiors in line functions, staff positions)
    • Individual responsibilities (e.g. who is responsible for execution or liability)
    • Job description / Delegation letter
  • Supplier Organization
  • Network organization

The focus lies on the roles (GEORG roles) stored in the GEORG Compliance Manager®, which are aligned with the purpose of the company and specify the areas of responsibility of the organizational unit. Ideally, the necessary GEORG roles are first defined independently from the employees and filled with the essential contents (functions, tasks, authority, responsibility, etc.). Afterwards the GEORG roles are assigned to the corresponding employees individually, whereby one employee may well exercise several GEORG roles. The GEORG roles and related GEORG tasks are summarized in the GEORG Compliance Manager® as a GEORG job description and can be accessed at any time.

The advantages at a glance

  • Legally compliant organizational structure
  • Transparency regarding organization, roles, functions and responsibilities
  • Easy creation of roles
  • Easy delegation of tasks
  • Acceleration of decision-making processes
  • Up-to-dateness of all information through digitalized content in the GEORG Compliance Manager®


About Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions

Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions, with headquarters in Grosswallstadt, Leipzig and Nanjing (China), offers its contractual partners services in the area of court-proof organization (GEORG) of companies worldwide in order to avoid organizational culpability and compliance violations. This includes: Consulting and provision of the compliance software GEORG Compliance Management System®, implementation of the technical and legal modules as well as development and maintenance of the customer-specific database. Further information: www.martin-mantz.de


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