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We make organizations work

For proper fulfilment of the ISO requirements, it is necessary to have a professional interpretation of the ISO standards. With GEORG ISO Compliance, you will be saved the tedious reading of complex law books. We convert action guidelines from the ISO standards into simple tasks and assign them individually to your employees.

Our services for you

  • We use GEORG ISO Compliance to make the requirements of the ISO standards comprehensible and transparent for you and your employees
  • We delegate, together with you, the tasks from the ISO standards
  • If there are revisions in the standards, we can take care of updating the tasks
  • We make available additional information and methods for fulfilling the tasks

Your benefits

  • Effectiveness – All ISO-tasks are person-based, easily formulated and are regularly updated
  • Efficiency – The effort required for reading complicated regulations is reduced; we take over the processing of the ISO standards
  • Transparency – The responsibilities are clear and easily visible to all employees
  • Conformity – The Compliance Status reflects the degree of fulfilment of the ISO requirements

Currently ISO Compliance includes:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 13485

ISO 15378

ISO 27001

ISO 22000



ISO 45001

ISO 50001

IDW PS 980

IATF 16949

Others upon request

Our ISO Compliance experts

Martin Mantz (Dipl.-Ing. Jurist)

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Attorney
  • Founder and managing director of Martin Mantz GmbH
  • DQS certification auditor for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for 30 years
  • DGQ Trainer since more than 30 years

Tel.  +49 6022 2656-124


These companies are already organizing
to be lawful, efficient and digital with GEORG


“GEORG shows me our compliance status at the press of a button.”

Andreas Paschke
Manager Organizational Development, Röchling Engineering Plastics KG

“A transparent depiction of our legal obligations. Simply very good.”

Dr. Jürgen Steiner
Manager ESHA, Allessa GmbH

“GEORG has been customized to fit our company.”

Susanne Reddigan
Manager Quality and Environment Management, Eaton Industries GmbH


The software that makes this possible:
GEORG transports our Compliance know-how
to your employees

  • Operation can be learnt within minutes
  • Location-independent working via Web-Login
  • Customized for your company

The GEORG Legal Compliance Manager forms the basic module of our software
and your customized legal register. Every additional module is optional.

An overview of our GEORG Compliance Manager® software modules

Legal Compliance - Manager

Certain compliance with all the relevant legal regulations

Clear depiction of your legal tree

Proof of compliance with the legal regulations

Customized legal register

Audit - Manager

Audit organization in accordance with ISO 19011

Documenting audits

Digitizing audits

Access to prepared audit checklists from current codes of practice and standards

ISO - Manager

Easy action instructions

Delegation with the help of GEORG

Proofs for ISO-conformant implementation of the action instructions

Corporate Compliance manager

Integration of your specific, internal tasks

Overview of your internal “code of conduct”

Centralized management of the tasks

Role – Manager

Dynamic delegation of the tasks per employee

Delegation of role-based tasks

Description of the responsibilities, authorities, competences of the employees and roles

Actions manager

Centralized actions management

Dynamic delegation of actions to employees

Clear actions history

Plant manager

Clear depiction of all the legal regulations per plant

Support for certification of plant safety

We provide you the legal regulations for every plant

Approvals manager

Clear history

Clear depiction and management of all the essential data related to official decisions

Proof of timely and rule-conformant compliance with official regulations

Vendor manager

Organization of your contracts

We provide you an overview of your resultant tasks

Get to know our GEORG software modules in a free demonstration meeting. We would be happy to advise you.