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GEORG Compliance Manager®

Our web-based compliance management software GEORG provides efficient and cross-location support in managing and controlling compliance.


Implement compliance provisions in a legally compliant manner

GEORG helps to avoid organisational negligence on a daily basis and to document compliance provisions digitally and in an auditable manner. Easy-to-understand tasks are delegated in the software on a person-specific basis so that your company’s compliance management processes are transparent and traceable.


The GEORG software modules

Compile your individual compliance management solution from the following GEORG modules and act independently of location and with international legal compliance.

  • Operation can be learned within minutes
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Working from anywhere via web login
  • Individually tailored to your company
  • SSO connection with all common providers possible

Our GEORG software modules at a glance

GEORG Corporate Manager

  • Digital and central organization of all internal specifications
  • Internal guidelines translated into specific tasks
  • Communicate changes to internal specifications throughout the company with a single mouse click
  • Full transparency using the compliance status in real time

GEORG Approval Manager

  • Digital approval history
  • Simple implementation of authority requirements using easy understandable and specific tasks
  • Central tabular representation of all official notices including essential data and ancillary provisions
  • Simple monitoring via the GEORG compliance status

GEORG Supplier Manager

  • Clear presentation of all suppliers including master data and listing of required supplier certificates
  • Direct delegation of duties to the supplier including reminder function via e-mail
  • Central and transparent mapping of all supplier contracts including core contract data and individual contract sections
  • Proof of the current compliance status of all suppliers at the push of a button

GEORG Audit Manager

  • Simple and digital audit planning for internal and external audits
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the management system using digital checklists
  • Direct creation and monitoring of measures
  • Automatically generated audit report

GEORG Action Manager

  • Simple and quick delegation of measures to employees
  • Transparent support in performing tasks
  • Clear history of measures

GEORG Asset Manager

  • Digital and transparent mapping of all plants, including core data, deadlines, and responsibilities
  • Clear depiction of all legal regulations for every plant
  • Proof of plant safety using the traffic light status


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5 reasons for GEORG

Digital & court-proof organization

GEORG digitizes your compliance management process and serves as a central platform for all company-relevant regulations.

Simple tasks

Legal regulations are translated into specific and easy-to-understand tasks.

Legally compliant delegation

Create legally compliant and transparent processes with clear responsibilities.

Automatic reminder feature

Automatically generated emails as well as the traffic light system integrated in GEORG provide timely reminders that tasks have to be completed.

Clear monitoring

Informative reports on the current compliance status can be generated with just one click.


Experts in digital compliance management

We help companies with digital organization of their compliance.

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Enthusiastic GEORG customers

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GEORG Compliance Manager®

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