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GEORG Compliance Officer

We train legal advisors and company lawyers as well as compliance officers to become GEORG Compliance Officers. We work together to ensure our customers’ legal and ISO compliance.

Become a certified GEORG Compliance Officer

GEORG Compliance Officer (ISO 37301)

Target group:

People responsible for compliance in a company, i.e. legal advisors, company lawyers, compliance officers, and compliance representatives as well as lateral entrants.

Learning content & benefits:

  • Importance of the compliance management system for implementing the compliance field specifications in the company
  • Introduction to the future of compliance organization
  • Development of the requirements for creation of a compliance management system based on the new ISO 37301
  • Answers to the question of how to maintain an overview in a constantly changing environment with constantly new priorities and requirements
  • Identification of the measures required for certification according to ISO 37301
  • Designation of the specific tasks of the Compliance Officer to achieve the goals of ISO 37301

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GEORG Legal Compliance Officer

Target group:

For legal advisors, company lawyers, and compliance officers with legal training.

Learning content & benefits

  • Overview of compliance management as a whole in relation to your company
  • Targeted training for the manufacturing industries and logistics
  • Overview of the relevant standards and areas of law that generally affect these industries
  • Efficient implementation of the law in the company by providing prepared content and practical examples
  • Finding your way in the world of standards more easily
  • Identification of the legal categories that deserve special attention. The querying process uses checklists provided to permit clustering of companies from a legal point of view
  • Listing as qualified GEORG Compliance Officer

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GEORG Organization Compliance Officer

Target group:

For legal advisors, company lawyers, and compliance officers with legal training.

Learning content & benefits:

  • Legally compliant organizational structure
  • Organizational duty of the board of directors or the management board
  • Managing director’s liability and organizational fault
  • Responsibility and liability of supervisors and employees
  • Legally required departments, roles, and functions
  • Proper delegation and monitoring

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Experts in establishing legally compliant organizations

We are an interdisciplinary team of specialized lawyers, engineers, and industry experts with more than 20 years of experience at national and international levels.

Martin Mantz

  • Dipl.-Ing., Lawyer
  • Managing Director Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions

Gabriella Kiss

  • In-house counsel
  • Managing Director Sales


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