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Now, manage and organize your enterprise digitally –
with GEORG

Digital Leadership is characterized by speed, agility, effectiveness, flexibility and transparency within the compliance organization.
The delegation of tasks by “Digital Leadership” with the help of our professional GEORG delegation software is a big challenge that we must overcome


Digitize your tasks and increase
your effectiveness


  • Requirements translated into simple, easy-to-comprehend action responsibilities
  • Automatic reminder by email


  • Monitoring and depiction of the compliance status by pressing a button
  • Person-based delegation of tasks


  • Location-independent, world-wide working with GEORG possible
  • Expandable with various modules


Our legally trained specialists make an individual determination for your company

legal tasks

what has to be done


where in the company the regulations are to be applied


when the relevant task is to be completed

Type and manner

how the implementation must be executed

Resources that are available

and with what

Our Compliance Software,
the GEORG Compliance Manager® makes the legal tasks so determined
available to your company in the form of a database.


The 10 building blocks of simple compliance

1. Compliance culture

Every company needs a robust compliance culture. Formulate the commitment to compliance with regulations by all employees quite simply: “Laws must be obeyed” .When the rules are clearly laid down, a sustainable culture of compliance forms in the company.

2. Scope of Compliance

Carefully and professionally determine the scope of the legal and other external regulations as well as the internal directives and instructions. Quality has priority over quantity here. Ensure that the internal regulations that you lay down are reasonable, free of contradictions, clear and easy to understand.

3. Compliance risks

An infringement of legal regulations is always a (high) risk. That applies even to legal obligations that appear meaningless (at first). For the internal regulations, you unambiguously lay down which rules must be followed without fail and where the employee can exercise his or her own judgement and discretion.

4. Transparency in the organization

Transparency is an important building block of effective compliance. Make it quite clear which organization unit is responsible for which area. Transparency increases organizational efficiency, avoids organizational culpability and organization-related non-conformity costs.

5. Delegation and responsibilities

Every employee – whether it has been so defined in writing or not – acts on behalf of the company. When delegating the tasks, ensure that only suitable employees are entrusted with the execution of tasks. They must be (carefully) instructed and monitored and the required resources and means must be made available to them.

6. Person-based assignment

A delegation process is only effective if the correct legal responsibility devolves to the employee. Assign only those tasks and responsibilities to the employees for which they are to be answerable. This increases the acceptance of the system among your employees.

7. Simple tasks

Provide the employees with simply formulated responsibilities and tasks. Employees are reluctant to read complicated laws and process instructions. The responsibilities should be as simple as possible, for example, the way the driving instructor talks about traffic lights: “Stop when it’s red!” It all depends on the specific (if required, documented) information or task.

8. Awareness and training

Make clear to your employees what the consequences of a violation could be for the company and for them personally. Therefore, dispense with generalized, boring training events. On the other hand, the demand for compliance-aligned behavior will help less, but will help definitely.

9. How up-to-date the legal responsibilities are

Ensure that the legal and internal tasks and responsibilities are up-to-date by taking professional help. Ensure that in the framework of updating, only prepared responsibilities filter down to the employees.

10. Compliance Status

Monitor the current compliance status. Enforce organizational consequences if there is repeated wrongful behavior or neglect of legal or other responsibilities.

With us, you achieve implementation of the organizational compliance quite easily.
Become legally complaint.


These companies are already organizing
to be lawful, efficient and digital with GEORG


“GEORG shows me our compliance status at the press of a button.”

Andreas Paschke
Manager Organizational Development, Röchling Engineering Plastics KG

“A transparent depiction of our legal obligations. Simply very good.”

Dr. Jürgen Steiner
Manager ESHA, Allessa GmbH

“GEORG has been customized to fit our company.”

Susanne Reddigan
Manager Quality and Environment Management, Eaton Industries GmbH


Your own law register


“The software that makes this possible:
GEORG transports our Compliance know-how
to your employees”

  • Operation can be learnt within minutes
  • Location-independent working via Web-Login
  • Customized for your company

Easily generate and assign tasks

Using the GEORG Compliance Management System®, you can easily generate tasks and assign them to the responsible employee. In this manner, all the internal regulations can be managed centrally and with clear oversight, and compliance can be ensured.

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The GEORG Compliance Manager® indicates the current legal status with traffic light colors and graphics. In this manner, you can query the current compliance status at any time.

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An overview of our GEORG Compliance Manager® software modules

Legal Compliance - Manager

Certain compliance with all the relevant legal regulations

Clear depiction of your legal tree

Proof of compliance with the legal regulations

Customized legal register

Audit - Manager

Audit organization in accordance with ISO 19011

Documenting audits

Digitizing audits

Access to prepared audit checklists from current codes of practice and standards

ISO - Manager

Easy action instructions

Delegation with the help of GEORG

Proofs for ISO-conformant implementation of the action instructions

Corporate Compliance manager

Integration of your specific, internal tasks

Overview of your internal “code of conduct”

Centralized management of the tasks

Role – Manager

Dynamic delegation of the tasks per employee

Delegation of role-based tasks

Description of the responsibilities, authorities, competences of the employees and roles

Actions manager

Centralized actions management

Dynamic delegation of actions to employees

Clear actions history

Plant manager

Clear depiction of all the legal regulations per plant

Support for certification of plant safety

We provide you the legal regulations for every plant

Approvals manager

Clear history

Clear depiction and management of all the essential data related to official decisions

Proof of timely and rule-conformant compliance with official regulations

Vendor manager

Organization of your contracts

We provide you an overview of your resultant tasks

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