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We are experts in compliance management and digital organization

We help you transform your company into a digital and legally compliant organization in which you can manage and control your compliance and prove it with legal security in cases of liability.

We serve companies from various industries in 15 countries with our own offices in Grosswallstadt, Leipzig, and Nanjing (China), along with a strong network of international partners.

Our team of experts specializes in the professional preparation of legally demanding bases for action. We translate provisions from laws, standards, and internal guidelines into specific tasks with detailed descriptions and then present them company-specifically.

Managing Directors

Martin Mantz

  • Dipl.-Ing., Lawyer
  • Managing Director Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions

Martin Mantz studied mechanical engineering and law. Due to his technical and legal expertise, he quickly became a recognized organization developer and dedicated auditor, trainer and keynote speaker in the field of compliance management systems as well as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. He recognized early on the need for a solution to deal with legal regulations in companies and developed the concepts GEORG (Gerichtsfeste Organisation) and Reinventing QM in 1998.

In 2000, he founded Martin Mantz GmbH and has been managing director with heart and soul ever since. Since 2016, he has been successfully developing his internationally oriented company according to the principles of New Work and positive leadership. This is where the formula for “happiness at work” came into being: performance = competence x character x well-being.

Gabriella Kiss

  • In-house counsel
  • Managing Director Sales

Gabriella Kiss studied law and European law in Würzburg. Since 2014, Ms. Kiss has been part of the GEORG team and heads the Marketing and Sales department. Her core task is to advise interested parties and customers regarding the services of Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions as well as the entire contract processing. In addition, she holds lectures and workshops especially on the topics of legally compliant organizational development (compliance), liability of the management as well as legally compliant transfer of entrepreneurial duties (delegation).


Learn more about the values that guide us


Doing one's job with head and heart requires a climate in which the employee feels comfortable. The management bears the responsibility for a working atmosphere in which performance and life find a space together. In this way, we create a framework in which employees can develop their full potential. In this context, Feel Good Management always ensures a creative and powerful climate.


Our employees are well-trained and experienced experts. They act entrepreneurially on behalf of our customers. They bear responsibility for their actions, appearance and for good communication. This means acting and communicating precisely and clearly. This requires solution-oriented thinking.


Complex process organizations must nevertheless be easy to implement. Only with simplicity, clarity and ease does a company develop its full strength.


Our central guiding principle is the trust and acceptance of our customers and partners. He who has trust is open and courageous. Trust means honest and reliable working relationships. We are the partner of our customers, whom they can turn to at any time and on whom they can rely.


It is important to us that our customers are always certain that they have made the right decision with us. You can rely on us completely when it comes to the law.


Responsible action is very important to us. This is why it is particularly important to us to support various projects even beyond our immediate region.

For example, Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions supports the academy of the regional sports club TV Grosswallstadt, contributing to the further development of their youth and training program.

We also support young artists from the Aschaffenburg region. Their paintings and sculptures not only decorate our offices, but also our Lakehouse.

We are particularly happy to be able to accompany a project in Uganda, driven by the great commitment of an employee and supported by Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions.

Responsible action also extends to everyday matters such as waste separation, energy saving, and responsible use of resources. It is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

We are proud of our awards

ISO certification

The “Great Place to Work” award

Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions was honored as a top employer in two categories once again in 2020.

Since 2002, the independent institute “Great Place to Work”, founded in the USA in 1991, has also held surveys concerning workplace culture in companies in Germany. Participation is voluntary.

Just as in 2017, we were twice named “Best Employer 2020” by “Great Place to Work” this year. We were ranked among the best places in the categories “Bavaria’s Best Employer 2020” and “Best Employer in Consulting 2020”. Overall, more than 600 companies of all sizes, from all sectors and regions, participate in the competition.

“Great Place to Work” surveyed our employees in respect of credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and team spirit. Our team actively worked out further, future-oriented development potential to additionally strengthen the Martin Mantz Compliance Solutions team and position us as a top employer.

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